The following are some of the current battles that are happening in our city of Ottawa

Proposed Civic Hospital

Brief: The new civic development for the Ottawa Hospital proposes to remove 680 trees, 320 of which are distinctive, with a diameter of over 30cm. A substantial number of the trees to be removed are to make way surface parking lot at the north end

Status: Development Planning

Comment on the Proposed Civic Hospital
Shaw Menard, Capital Ward Councillor, July 3, 2021

Fisher Avenue North

Fisher Ave is to be re-designated as a “Minor Corridor” in the City of Ottawa’s New Official Plan. The re-designation was not informed by any known environmental or hydrological analysis and raises alarming concerns for the health of our urban forest. Increased development will hamper the street’s ability to continue to be used as a north-south route.

Keep Fisher Green – Website by community

Hunt Club Forest

Brief: Pine forest along Hunt Club Road has been providing a unique greenspace for community members, and is currently zoned for commercial use by the Ottawa International Airport Authority (OIAA). Otto’s BMW dealership has plans to replace 1.53 hectares of 60 year old pine trees with a parking/storage lot. This parcel of land creates a private bridge over the Hunt Club Creek, leading to additional vehicles crossing, and removed habitat for wildlife.

Save Hunt Club Forest – Website by community

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Nantes Woods (Avalon area, Orleans)

The Greater Avalon Community Association is working hard to preserve the Nantes Woods from being partially cut down to allow for a housing development. The forest is a vital part of our community. This little oasis provides shade, calmness and respite in a world increasingly stressful. Help us save it by providing your support.

Greater Avalon Community Association

Mer Bleue Bog / Brian Coburn Extension

The Mer Bleue Bog plays an important part in stabilizing the climate. The city has plans to build a road and transit route really close to the protected area. This would bring a lot more traffic into an area that has a lot of wildlife and is a drainage basin for the Mer Bleue wetland.

Status: Planning Stages
Finalize the functional design of the recommended plan in the summer of 2021
Presentation to Transportation Committee and Council for approval in October of 2021
Finalize the Environmental Study Report / file final Report for public review in January 2022.

Mer Bleue wetland threatened by road proposal, field naturalists say
Ottawa Citizen, Jul 16, 2021

City of Ottawa Project Overview

Protect the Greenbelt from devastating development – Express concern, letter to officials